I found it hard to find a reliable stereo wiring diagram/instruction set for my Mazda Miata NC, so I’ve collected all the most realible resources into this post.

Here’s the official wiring diagram:

Here’s a picture of the colored cables:

Finally, here’s a quick cheatsheat of all the cables you’ll probably need:

  • (1H) Solid light Blue = Antenna amp
  • (1B) Blue / Red stripe = Constant power
  • (1R) Red / Black stripe = ACC power
  • (1W) Black = Ground

Left Speaker:

  • (1A) Solid Red = Positive
  • (1C) Solid Green = Negative

Right Speaker:

  • (1D) White / Black stripe = Positive
  • (1F) Yellow / White stripe = Negative

Steering Wheel Controls:

  • (1P) Green / White Strip = Positive
  • (1N) Blue / Black Strip = Ground

Hopefully this make your installation process alot smoother! I know I wish I woudl’ve had a guide like this! :)