$15 is all it takes to bring back some life into an old convertible top!

Last February, I purchased a 10 year old Mazda Miata. Overall, the car was in great condition, except for the top. I’m not sure if its the original 10 year old top, but It certaintly looked like it!

Instead of spending $600 on a new top and then have to go through the grouling process of spending my weekend dissasembling my seats, roll cage, and numerous panels…I went for the more pragmatic approach of dying the top black again.

Amazon sells this product called “Forever Black Black-Top” for $15 that did the trick!



It was as straightforward as dripping some dye on the sponge and then simply covering the top in consistent front-to-back strokes. I think the results are amazing!

It’s been about a month and it has not faded. Still looks great! I’ll update this post at the 3 month mark.