While interning at Avvo, I got to help improve the user expiriences for over 6 million montly Avvo visitors while they researched their legal solutions by allowing them to store legal guides and answers from the question and awnser portion of Avvo.

I’m extremely proud of being able to accomplish such a feat in such a short time. I moved from Houston, TX to Seattle, WA to intern their for summer and had no previous exprerience with Ruby on Rails. I had to quickly get up to speed technology stack used at Avvo to contribute while adjusting to a whole new city where I did not know anyone.

Fortunately, the Avvo team was very welcoming and made sure to take me on trips to explore Seattle. They took me on tours such as the famous “Underground Tours of Seattle” and the local Seattle ruby meetups.

One of my co-workers took me sailing and another even lent me a car so I could explore the Seattle mountains!

Additionally, I learned a lot about software architecture while I extracted functionality from a monolith application into smaller micro-services. This functionaly was the Avvo my reviews page where users could see the reviews they had completed for lawyers.

Finally, I won two Avvo Hackathon awards! One for the most creative idea and another for best feedback towards the Avvo UI kit.

The technology stack I used while interning at Avvo consisted of: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Git, Jira, Agile development, AWS, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.

Here’s a link to my final presentation at Avvo: Click Here