At CTUIT I got experience whats its like to work at a small software company that provides custom tailored solutions to help business succeed and increase profits.

CTUIT provides restaurant management solutions for a lot of local Houston restaurants and big national chains such as Cheddars and Bufallo Wild Wings. They provide platforms for monitoring and controling operation costs to ensure maximum profits, manage and track employe scheudles, and much more.

During my internship with CTUIT, there were rare server crashes that were happening when client data was being uploaded. It turned out to be due to invalidly formatted XML data being uploaded. To address that problem I implemented an XML validation process for client data submissions.

Furthermore, there were over 7000 phone numbers for client locations missing. I automated the fetching of these phone numbers using the Google Places API and Yelp API to find as accurately as possbile the correct phone number for each location.

Before updating the phone numbers, I would compare results from the Places API and Yelp API through an algorithm I designed that would determine and assign the most accurate phone number possible.

The technology stack I utilized while interning at CTUIT consisted of: ASP.NET, SVN, MS SQL, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.