Interning at the Harris County taught me a lot about building modern web applications, while providing pragmatic solutions.

I went to the University of Houstons career fair in the Fall of 2017, where interviewed with a Harris County employee named Mark Hughes.

After completing follow up techincal interview and then building a React Native Pokedex as response to a challenge by Mark, I recieved an offered to intern at the Harris County for the Spring 2017 semester.

The intership at the Harris County began around the first week of February of 2016 and was my first expirience internship expirience as a software engineer.

During my internship with the Harris County, I created a phone directory app for Android, iOS, and the Web from a single code base with full offline capabilities.  

The phone directory app was built as a Progressive Web App using Ionic. It utilized a browser feature called a service worker, which allowed the app to cache data on a user’s device for offline usage.

The advantages of created a cross platform application using Ionic were vast. For one you did not need to have a separate iOS and Android developer, but a single web developer. Additionally, instead of maintaining and updating three diffrent applications, you only have to update a single codebase to update all three.

This was a great example of a pragamtic solution to building moderm mobile solutions. While it may not be the best solution for all scenarios, it’s definetly a great way to atleast build a minimum viable product to get user feedback and iterate on before devoting costly resources to building and testing seperate applications.

The technology stack I utilized while interning at the Harris County consisted of: ASP.NET CORE, MS SQL, TFS, Ionic, Cordova, Angular, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.

The intership lasted Ferbrary 2017-April 2017.