A fun side 2D unity scrolling platformer with a score tracking system, vine jump mechanics, enemy AI, life system,and with all original artwork.

One of my computer science electives was Game Art. It was easily one of favorite classes as I got work in a team where the goal throughout the class was to build the best game possible. At the end of the semester all the games would be demoed to a panel of judges who would then assign a score and select the top games.

Our grades depended on getting a high score, which revolved around having good original artwork, glitch free gameplay, and most importantly that the game was fun. Going into the class I had no expirience developing games or designing game assets.

It was challening to learn Unity and illustrator quickly in such a small time frame, but thankfully I had a great team that was supportive of each other and communitate properly. We were able to devide tasks into manageable chunks so that we would be able to stay on track to finish the game before the end of the semester.

It all paid off because at the end of the semester we made it to the top 10 games of class!

You can demo the game by clicking here!