An intuitive point of sales system. Featuring user authentication, user roles, customer rewards program, and complex inventory report generation. Built using pure HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.

It was quite a challenge to build this web application without the use of any frameworks, but very rewarding. Although, looking back it’s made me appreciate frameworks more and really learn the concept of not reinventing the wheel over and over.

Especially as not everything you plan out always goes the way you want it. There were some features that were orginally planned out to be included, but after testing it with users it was clear they weren’t beneficial. However, I had already spent a considerable amount of time developing them.

Had I used a framework I would have been able to build a minium vable example of the features and get feedback from users early on and avoided wasting time.

An important part of software development is being agile. Being able to quickly test ideas and pivot is how you efficiently and effectively build great software. Frameworks are essential tools that help you do exactly that and more.

You can see the site live at