During my interviewed with Mark Hughes for an internship position at the Harris County CTS, Mark mentioned the county was looking for an alternative for maintaining and developing two seperate mobile applications.

The county was researching options like Xamarin and others, but found these options didn’t share much code accross platforms or perform well with large datasets. Not to mention, some did not work offline, which was a crucial requirement for the County.

So I suggested React Native as a viable option for developing cross platform applications for Android and iOS. I followed up the interview by sending Mark some links and information on developing cross platform React Native applications using large datasets with full offline capabilities.

He responded by challenging me to quickly build a React Native application using a pokemon json library. Thus, I built a cross platform iOS & Android pokedex from a single codebase with full offline search capabilites and native like performance.

A few days later I recieved a call from Mark offering me the internship postion!

Here’s a link to the github repo: React Native Pokedex