Problem Statement:

  • Process contacts and intelligently find missing contact information.
  • Saving people time, by intelligently processing contacts/leads and updating missing and incorrect information.

Why solve it?:

  • During one of my internship, I found out that the company I was interning at was missing client contact information for over 7000+ businesses. Clients had simply not entered that information when they registered or had put the wrong information. I looked online for a tool to automate this, but did not find an online web solution that could procress a large input set like this or could handle only having a single input such as a busines name. There were some services that had a 1-3 day turn around, only ran on older versions of Windows, were extremely expensive, or were complicated, bulky, and pricey customer relationship management solutions.

Audience/Target Group:

  • Telemarkers
  • Small business with large lists of lead/clients
  • Online affiliate marketers

Differentiator I wrote a post on analyzing my competition which you read by clicking here.

  • Online web solution that instantly processes bulk/batch sets of contacts and delivers exportable results in vCard format or CSV

Project Goals:

  • Generate atleast $100 in income by December
  • Get an article published on my project on a major website or blog

Domain Name

    • Domain was too long, complicated, and specific. Also, it would limit the market growth of my product.


  • Build a single page application (SPA) with mobile first design by following the Google Progressive Web App (PWA) guidelines.
  • By building a SPA application I will be able to offload a lot of the processing onto the client and decrease hosting costs.
  • Also, Android users will be able to install my app on there homescreen and run it without the address bar to give a native app like feel. Apple has expressed interest in adding support for PWA to iOS devices, but has not given a date of when/if that will implemented.

Tech Stack:

  • Frontend:
    • React + Redux
      • Because It’s a lightweight component framework with an abundant amount of online resources to learn from. Also, I can translate my skills learned to using React Native, if in the future I decide to release a mobile app in the App Store and Play Store
  • Backend:
    • Ruby on Rails with PostgreSQL and a Service Worker
      • Rails will allow to me quickly get started and iterate fast
      • PostgresSQL is a robust relational database that will cover everything I will need now and in the future as the project grows
      • Service worker will alow Android users to install app on their homescren, recieve push notifications, and cache pages for fast load times
  • Environment:
    • Docker containers to eliminate any environment issues
  • Deployment:
    • Two AWS EC2s. An instance for frontend and backend
    • Kubernetes to manage docker containers


  • Charge users to export results
  • Limit fetching/searching to 15 per vistior/user
  • Ads
    • Not going to implement ads, as my niche is too small and I don’t want visitors bouncing off my page. I want to instead convert them to paying customers.

Questions/Todo List:

  • Need to narrow down target group
  • Should the input field be a grid where you can past info and/or should I allow file input?
    • If I allow a file should it be a CSV, text file or MS Excel file (XLSV) file?
      • Which will users (if any) want?
    • Will first implement manual input. Then csv, as most major CRM and contact lists export primarily to CSV. Will then add support for vCard to add compatibility with Apple Calendar and other platforms
  • Besides displaying results on screen and storing it to a user account, how should I allow users to save results? Export to CSV, XLSV, other??
  • Export to CSV, XLSV, vCard, other??
    • CSV will be supported at first, then vCard
  • Maybe exporting should be a paid feature?
  • How much should I charge to fetch/search past the limit of 5 or to export?
  • Should I just implement a flat rate unlimeted membership package? Or a tiered package system?
  • Map out project plan/sprints
  • Build use-case diagrams/mockups
  • Get feedback from use-case diagram/mockups and iterate

Project Deadlines

  • Landing page up by **Octorber 22nd**
  • All planning/prototyping done by October 23rd
  • Working demo by October 29th
  • Live online demo with professionally designed logos and graphics by November 5th
  • Payment and trial memberships live by November 12th
  • Instructional and promo youtube videos completed by November 15th
  • Mass Marketing campaign completed by November 19th

Future Feature List

  • Search for all businesses in an area with custom filters and then process contact information