Info Scrapper Landing Page Is Up!

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Landing page is up with an email sign up to notify you when the completed product will be available!

Analyzing My Competition In the Contact Info Scraping Market

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Before investing a lot of time building a product that sucks, I spent some time researching and learning from what my competitors are doing right and wrong.

Applying the Apple protyping method to build mockups for my contact info scraper project

I decided to use Apple Keynote to build my mockups after watching a presentation by Apple on how they build prototypes for projects. You can watch it and read my notes by clicking here.

Prototyping the Apple way to save time and money!

Notes From Appleā€™s Prototyping Process for My Missing Contact Info Finder Project:

Contact Info Scaper Project

Problem Statement:

  • Process contacts and intelligently find missing contact information.
  • Saving people time, by intelligently processing contacts/leads and updating missing and incorrect information.

Newborn Outlet

An intuitive point of sales system. Featuring user authentication, user roles, customer rewards program, and complex inventory report generation. Built using pure HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.

Monkey Zen

A fun side 2D unity scrolling platformer with a score tracking system, vine jump mechanics, enemy AI, life system,and with all original artwork.

React Pokemon Pokedex

During my interviewed with Mark Hughes for an internship position at the Harris County CTS, Mark mentioned the county was looking for an alternative for maintaining and developing two seperate mobile applications.